Enterprise software company Rocket Software today launched Rocket Content Automation. This release is geared at enabling important operational connections between systems and data sources without bringing in additional risks.

With this release, businesses and IT organizations are enabled to collaborate to create improved experiences using automation capabilities spanning the Rocket Content Services portfolio.

“Automation is the lynchpin for data and information modernization. With Rocket Content Automation, customers can connect their legacy systems to modern business processes designed with modern tools,” said Chris Wey, president of the data modernization business unit at Rocket Software. “Rocket Software is the only software provider to offer a unified solution for automation that is integrated into the product architecture and built for security and scalability.”

Rocket Content Automation provides users with a closed-loop environment so they can have an end-to-end audit of all activity in a single dashboard and the solution can be scaled as the organization grows. 

Additionally, the solution brings enhanced business insights through an audit view that tracks highly governed automation and information actions; improved scalability, security, and workload sophistication; and increased access to real-time mainframe information through modern APIs, a custom user experience toolchain, and the information governance services of Rocket’s Content platform. 

Lastly, users gain access to self-service capabilities with dashboard reports using existing tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

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