The network automation company Gluware has announced the latest release of its platform, Gluware 5.3.

Gluware 5.3 adds support for third-party solutions in OS Manager, which is a feature of Gluware used to automate OS updates. According to the company, adding this extra support for third-party solutions will help companies with multiple vendors in their network environments to improve security, reduce risk, and prevent outages. 

This version also includes an update to the process automation feature Network RPA, which now offers a drag-and-drop interface for programming third-party API calls. The company also added other new tasks to Network RPA, such as Object Compare and GluAPI Get Workflow.

In addition, this update brings improvements to configuring backup and restore, allowing it to be configured without needing configuration modeling. The company hopes this will reduce downtime, improve disaster recovery, and increase consistency across multiple systems. 

Other updates in Gluware 5.3 include expanded IPv6 support for file servers and enhanced integrations with ServiceNow and Cisco.

“At Gluware, customer success is our top priority,” said Ernest Lefner, chief product officer at Gluware. “We have a deep understanding of customers’ critical priorities and are laser-focused on building products that make their work easier and deliver tangible results. Gluware 5.3 is a testament to our team’s commitment, and we’re incredibly proud of the advancements it brings to the market. This update is just the first wave of exciting developments we have planned for this year as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in network hyperautomation.”