Modern infrastructure as code company Pulumi has announced Pulumi 2.0 with new capabilities and improvements. 

“Pulumi is a modern infrastructure as code tool that lets you declare infrastructure using real languages, with a SaaS management console for configuring identities, organizations, and related policies. By using real languages, developers and operators are able to work better together, sharing and reusing best practices, accomplishing new levels of automation, and unlocking access to ecosystems of existing tools,” Joe Duffy, founder and CEO of Pulumi, wrote in a post

The release focuses on adding “superpowers” to the solution. The “superpowers” include:

  • Provisioning: all core language SDK are now equal. The solution supports Node.js, Python, .NET and Go. In addition, it expanded supported cloud resource providers and added a new API documentation
  • Delivery: New CI/CD integrations and environment management capabilities
  • Architecture: New coexistence and migration options for building larger systems out of component parts
  • Policy: CrossGuard, a new policy as code framework, enables users to define policies using real uses and apply them at deployment time.
  • Testing: Now includes the ability to unit test with familiar tools and new mocking capabilities. 

In addition, the company introduced a new mascot called “The Pulumipus.” 

‘This release expands on our original vision of using your favorite languages and tools to do all things infrastructure as code, now with new cloud engineering superpowers that will help you and your team adopt modern cloud architectures,” Duffy wrote in a blog post announcing the release.