Nutanix is teaming up with ServiceNow to help organizations streamline IT operations and costs during this recent global crisis. Together, the companies will provide new features and capabilities for simplifying and automating infrastructure, application and cloud management. 

According to the companies, manual processes are still the norm in IT despite automation being able to cut costs and increase the speed of operations. The new partnership will focus on simplified DevOps, simplified infrastructure management and simplified cloud governance and cost optimization. 

For DevOps, Nutanix Calm 3.0, the app automation and management solution, will expand ServiceNow integration and enable users to automate app life cycles such as upgrades, patches, and expansions. 

Nutanix Prism Pro will tackle infrastructure management by enabling users to respond to alerts and incidents within their ServiceNow portal. 

Lastly, the increased ServiceNow integrations will provide cost optimization and security practices such as the ability to limit unintended public cloud consumption and automatically pull Nutanix Xi Beam’s cost and security optimization recommendations into ServiceNow workflows. 

“As IT teams focus on delivering remote work solutions, they sometimes struggle to support the business more broadly because they are strapped for time and resources,” said Rajiv Mirani, chief technology officer at Nutanix. “This strengthened integration with ServiceNow, along with the broader suite of Nutanix automation solutions, will allow IT teams to reduce the amount of time they spend on day-to-day management of their cloud infrastructure, as well as applications, so they can focus on supporting business priorities.”