IT and infrastructure company NTT announced a collaboration with technology company Cisco in order to develop and deploy joint solutions geared at improving operational efficiencies and enhancing sustainability goals.

According to the companies, the combination of NTT’s Edge-as-a-Service portfolio and Cisco’s IoT features offers users real-time data insights, improved security, better decision making, and decreased operational costs through predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and supply chain management capabilities.

NTT has also announced that it has enhanced its IoT consulting and services business by training over 500 Cisco sales employees to accelerate both companies’ capabilities and go-to-market efforts.

“We are excited to work together to help transition our customers to this IoT-as-a-Service model so they can quickly realize the business benefits across industries and around the globe,” said Samuel Pasquier, VP of product management, industrial IoT networking at Cisco.

NTT and Cisco stated that these solutions are intended for industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare because they have seen an increasing demand for IoT solutions and edge computing.

An advanced “ruggedized” service has already been deployed to multiple companies, such as Compagnie Intercommunal Liegeoise des Eaux (CILE), a Belgium based public water distribution company. 

With this, several LoRaWAN sensors have been deployed across CILE’s infrastructure in order to offer remote visibility geared at improving operational efficiencies related to water quality, consumption, distribution, and maintenance.