The network automation company Network to Code made several improvements to the open-source platform Nautobot over the past year, solidifying its position in the network automation market. Key highlights include Nautobot v2 being released, the launch of Nautobot Cloud, and improvements across the Nautobot App Ecosystem.

Nautobot is an open-source tool that provides a Single Source of Truth for networks, enabling companies to unify data sources so that they can implement data-driven network automation.

Nautobot v2 introduced many new features, such as the ability to utilize namespaces, a unified location model, standardized field names for data imports and exports, a generic role model to streamline role association, an improved UI, and an improved process for integrating with third-party tools. 

A cloud-based version of Nautobot was also created. Nautobot Cloud makes it easier to implement Nautobot by managing the underlying infrastructure and offering users a simplified interface for deploying, managing, and upgrading network automation.

And finally, in the Nautobot App Ecosystem, the company released a new app called Floor Plan and updated the Golden Configuration app. Floor Plan enables companies to map their data center devices and inventory. Golden Configuration helps users ensure that their network automations are implemented properly and in compliance. The latest updates included new dynamic methods for generating remediation commands when a configuration isn’t properly implemented, new governance-driven configuration plans, and automated deployment mechanisms. 

“These Nautobot enhancements represent more than product releases; they signify our commitment to driving innovation and simplifying network automation,” said John Marchese, CEO of Network to Code. “We recognize the challenges businesses face in managing complex networks-and Network to Code is here to help. By continuously enhancing our products and services, we empower our customers to focus on strategic initiatives, confident that their network infrastructure is in capable hands.”