Windows and macOS developers can now use MicroK8s natively. The Ubuntu team announced developers can interact with kubectl and MicroK8s through the Windows or Mac command line locally, similarly to how they would with Linux. This new capability is meant to provide better development, build, and test workflows on the desktop. 

MicroK8s is a lightweight upstream Kubernetes solution. “It provides sensible defaults and bundles the most commonly used components for at-your-fingertips access. A single-node install is one command and done in seconds, which makes it easy to add or remove from any system,” the team wrote in a blog post. “MicroK8s is also popular for CI/CD pipelines which create a fresh VM or cluster for each test run on demand. The simplicity of MicroK8s makes automation straightforward, and the speed of install reduces total test run times and resource consumption.”

Windows developers can install MicroK8s through a standalone executable file. On Windows, developers will be able to start, stop and manage a dedicated Linux VM and Kubernetes itself, the team explained. 

MacOS developers can install MicroK8s with the Homebrew package manager. 

Additionally, all MicroK8s commands provide support for a non-dotted format, and the old dotted format for backwards compatibility. 

The team also announced MicroK8s 1.18 with Kubeflow 1.0, a snap interface, and support for Kubernetes 1.18.