Lightbits Labs, a big proponent of the NVMe/TCP standard, has announced a new solution for bringing hyperscale agility to data center storage. LightOS and the LightField storage acceleration card are NVMe/TCP solutions that provide a Global Flash Transition Layer (GFTL) over high-performance networks.

According to the company, this new solution will save organizations time and money while enabling them to achieve performance improvements and public cloud grade hyperscale ability.

One of the issues in data centers is that infrastructure deployments with attached solid state drives (SSD) have constrained ratios of storage to compute, which leads to underutilized resources. By reducing or getting rid of those stranded resources, organizations can realize significant cost savings. According to Lightbits Labs, LightOS and the LightField storage acceleration card enabling scaling without needing to make changes to clients or network infrastructure.

“Data center storage underutilization has reached epidemic and expensive levels,” said Eran Kirzner, Lightbits Labs CEO and co-Founder. “By unlocking the full value of NVMe, we’ve changed the playing field for private clouds. Our customers – private cloud and SaaS providers – can now capitalize on the best of both worlds: the application performance of using local NVMe SSD with the simplicity and efficiency of hyperscale.”