The Kubernetes release team has officially announced the launch of the next version of the technology, Kubernetes 1.28.

Kubernetes 1.28 includes 45 enhancements, 12 of which are stable, 14 that are in beta, and 19 that are in alpha.

One of the new generally available features is the ability to recover after an unexpected node shutdown. Now workloads can be failed over to a different node when this occurs. 

Another new stable feature is that the behavior of the control plane setting a StorageClass is now automatic and always active.

CustomResourceDefinition validations rules have also been improved, with users now able to add validation expressions directly into the schema. This is available as a beta feature in this release.  

Similarly, the Common Expression language controls for validating admission policies has also become a beta feature. 

Another beta feature in this release is the ability to specify match conditions for admission webhooks. According to the Kubernetes release team, this allows users to manage the scope of when Kubernetes makes remote HTTP calls. 

The ability to swap nodes on Linux has also been added as another beta feature.

Other new features include source code reorganization for control plane components, support for CDI injection into containers, and a per index job retry backoff limit. 

More information on what’s new in this release can be found in this blog post here.