Google is trying to bring Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to its customers, and to that end it has released a new open-source project called the Cloud Operations Sandbox

“Customers want to learn how to instrument services for observability and implement SRE best practices using tools Google Cloud has to offer, but without risking production environments,” Simon Zeltser and Danial Sanche, developer programs engineers at Google, wrote in a post. With Cloud Operations Sandbox, you can learn in practice how to kickstart your observability journey and answer the question, ‘Will it work for my use-case?’”

The Cloud Operations Sandbox enables companies to learn and SRE best practices and apply them on cloud services without risking production environments. 

The sandbox contains a demo of an application built using a microservice architecture. Other features of the Cloud Operations Sandbox are one-click deployment, a load generator, SRE recipes, and an interactive walkthrough. 

“Following SRE principles is a proven method for running highly reliable applications in the cloud. We hope that the Cloud Operations Sandbox gives you the understanding and confidence you need to jumpstart your SRE practice,” Zeltser and Sanche wrote.