Baetyl is a platform for edge computing that offers a standardized runtime environment and API for building edge applications. 

It was initially created by Baidu as OpenEdge and is currently an LF Edge Stage 1 project, which indicates projects that “are, or have the potential to be, important to the ecosystem of Top-Level Projects or the Edge ecosystem as a whole.”

According to LF Edge, Baetyl provides the edge operating system with toolchain support, reduces the difficulty of edge calculations, and provides a graphical IDE.   

Baetyl’s goal is to build an open source framework for the edge capable of:

  • Abstracting different forms of hardware to a unified container environment
  • Offering support for open application models 
  • Providing a standardized remote management model

“With modern container and serverless design concepts and engineering tools optimized for stand-alone and small multi-machines, Baetyl enables edge hardwares and cloud native applications to work better and more efficiently together. It helps deliver stronger processing power to edge devices like smart home appliances, wearables and other IoT devices,” LF Edge’s website states.