Pure Storage and Equinix have announced the release of Pure Storage on Equinix Metal, which is a Bare Metal as a Service offering. According to the companies, this new solution provisions physical, dedicated, single tenant servers and storage to customers in a fast and easy way. 

It can eliminate upfront investments in hardware and the challenges of ongoing maintenance. It can also help lower operational costs and risks, allow for more flexible and scalable delivery of IT infrastructure, and enable customers to only pay for what they use, the companies explained.

“Enterprises want full control over their environment, but they don’t want to operate their own data centers or be forced to fit into traditional cloud models – they want a cloud model that fits their business,” said Jack Hogan, VP of technology strategy at Pure Storage. “By partnering with Equinix, we are eliminating management complexity and delivering the flexibility and controls that put organizations in charge of what their technology platforms can do for them.”

IBM Cloud Satellite now available
This new solution is available as the result of a partnership between IBM and Lumen Technologies. IBM Cloud Satellite provides a secure, unifying layer for cloud services, enabling customers to focus on data privacy and sovereignty requirements. 

In addition, IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service is available for IBM Cloud Satellite, providing customs with a flexible, secure way of running AI and analytics workloads. 

“IBM is working to help enterprises capture the value of innovative technologies like edge computing by bringing hybrid cloud capabilities to modernize and digitally transform, while delivering the highest levels of security clients need for their data,” said Howard Boville, head of Hybrid Cloud Platform at IBM. “By delivering this new level of deployment standardization with IBM Cloud Satellite, clients are able to securely leverage the benefits of cloud services — from the core of the data center to the farthest reaches of the network with billions of connected devices transmitting data at the edge.”

Cloudera Data Platform Operational Database available on AWS and Azure
Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a cloud-native operational database that can be deployed anywhere. It allows developers to create and deliver prototypes in under an hour and deliver mission-critical applications with speed, Cloudera explained. 

“Multi-cloud is the future and the global need to enable remote business has only accelerated this shift,” said Arun Murthy, chief product officer at Cloudera. “With CDP Operational Database, companies no longer need to make sacrifices when it comes to their database. Enterprises can deploy on any cloud infrastructure to move at the speed that their customers demand, while also maintaining flexibility.” 

Sumo Logic expands observability suite
The company added new updates, such as Service Maps and Service Dashboards, support for Kubernetes metrics and tracing in its Root Cause Explorer, and a beta program for AWS Lambda support and Browser Real User Monitoring. 

Service Maps and Dashboards provide users with a real-time view of the complete set of microservices, service load, interactions between microservices, health of each microservice, and service KPIs that are automatically derived from trace data. 

According to the company, these new updates will provide DevOps engineers and SREs with a holistic view of microservices so that they can identify and resolve issues more quickly.