Park Place PPTechMobile

Park Place has announced a new mobile app that will let IT professionals remotely access maintenance events in their data center and other IT infrastructure. PPTechMobile will have a number of key features from the Park Place customer portal, including the ability to access contracted assets, monitor escalation process, and submit, edit and view incidents.

IT operators can identify devices in need of support by scanning the barcode with the phone camera. PPTechMobile will then automatically populate the right serial number in a ticket. Park Place is also working on a feature that will notify customers of real-time changes to service events through the app.

“Customers have made it clear that a mobile app was their top priority because they want the high service standards of Park Place in the most convenient platform,” said Park Place CIO Michael Cantor. “For customers who use the Central Park portal, this elevates the convenience and efficiency of service and attention. For those just exploring the portal, this is a new way to stay connected 24/7.”

New integration between Kofax ControlSuite and Kofax TotalAgility
Intelligent automation company Kofax has announced a new integration between two of its products. Kofax ControlSuite, a print and capture solution for managing content flows through MFD fleets, mobile and desktop devices, email, and print stream, will now integrate with Kofax TotalAgility, offering comprehensive “cognitive capture, transformation, and process automation capabilities to ControlSuite users.”

According to Kofax, common use cases for this integration include accounts payable automation, digital mailroom, application processing, and case management.

Quantum Machines raised $17.5 million
Quantum Machines has announced that it is raising $17.5 million in funding. It will use the money to accelerate adoption of its Quantum Orchestration Platform. This platform provides researchers and developers with the tools needed to run complex quantum algorithms and experiments. 

The company believes that this solution will pave the way for tackling complex quantum computing challenges like complex multi-qubit calibrations, quantum-error-correction, and scaling up to hundreds of qubits.

This funding round was led by Avigdor Willenz and Harel, with participation from TLV Partners and Battery Ventures.