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The Eclipse Foundation’s Edge Native Working Group has announced the release of Eclipse ioFog 2.0. Eclipse ioFog is an open source project for deploying and orchestrating containerized applications to the edge. 

According to the Eclipse Foundation, the major focus for this release was providing a robust set of features for production-grade deployments. It collaborated with Red Hat to replace its legacy service mesh with Red Hat’s Skupper project, which uses the Apache Qpid Dispatch Router to connect between data centers and the edge without VPNs or special firewall rules. 

“Edge computing is central to a number of transformative technologies such as AI, autonomous vehicles, smart manufacturing, and Industry 4.0, as well as being key to 5G adoption,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “The release of ioFog 2.0 showcases the Edge Native Working Group’s ability to support community members and deliver production-ready code to the broader edge computing industry. The ioFog platform has been proven in the field, having been used in multiple real-world use cases including serving as the backbone of an Edge AI application monitoring temperatures and mask compliance among schoolchildren to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

ServiceNow announces updates to Field Service Management solution  
Field Service Management is a platform used by IT technicians when they’re out providing field service to different locations.

New features include Dispatcher Workspace, capacity and reservations management, contractor management, offline access to the mobile field service app, and native asset management. 

“Service quality is becoming more critical as organizations work to differentiate themselves from the competition,” said John Ball, SVP and GM of Customer Workflows at ServiceNow. “Today, field service and customer service are increasingly intertwined. ServiceNow Field Service Management helps companies ensure field service technicians are supported across teams and devices, matching tasks, skills and parts to the right technicians. As a result, workers are able to safely and effectively do their jobs and customers get better service.”

Fugue announces support for AWS CloudFormation in Regula 
Regula is an open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) policy engine. Customers will now be able to use Regula to secure AWS CloudFormation and Terraform configurations before they are deployed. They can also use those same rules when running cloud environments through the Fugue platform. 

“Companies operating at scale in the cloud need a policy as code framework that’s flexible, works with the leading infrastructure as code tools, and can be used across cloud platforms at every stage of the cloud development lifecycle,” said Josh Stella, co-founder and CEO of Fugue. “By extending Regula support to AWS CloudFormation, cloud engineering and security teams now have a unified cloud policy framework that works with their tools and workflows, giving them the confidence to move faster in the cloud—without breaking the rules needed to keep cloud infrastructure secure and in compliance.”