AWS has announced security group rule IDs, which are unique identifiers for security group rules. This simplifies CLI commands and allows security group rules to be tagged like other AWS resources. According to AWS, tags can be used to quickly identify a set of rules across multiple security groups. 

This new capability is now available in all AWS regions at no additional cost. AWS also added that this change will lay the foundation for future capabilities for managing security groups and rules. 

Backblaze releases Computer Backup v8.0

The latest version increases maximum threading to 100 from 30, adds smart throttling to reduce system strain, reconfigures how reads and writes happen to reduce client load on HDDs and SSDs by up to 80%, and has updated branding. 

“A recent Backblaze survey showed that more people than ever are backing up their computers. Yet, nearly one in five Americans who own a computer have still never backed up all of their data,” said Gleb Budman, CEO and co-founder of Backblaze. “This new release will make it easier than ever for consumers and businesses to take control of their data and prevent data loss.”

Rapid7 launches InsightCloudSec

InsightCloudSec is a cloud-native security platform that provides continuous security and compliance. It integrates capabilities of two previous Rapid7 acquisitions: DivvyCloud and Alcide. Capabilities include posture management, infrastructure entitlements management, infrastructure-as-code, and Kubernetes protection. 

“As attack surfaces rapidly expand, teams are managing dozens of security tools,” said Brian Johnson, senior vice president of cloud security at Rapid7. “However, this approach is often overwhelming and distracting, making it more difficult to cut through the noise and resolve security issues quickly. By combining the cloud solutions previously offered by DivvyCloud and Alcide, InsightCloudSec not only provides enterprises with a more holistic, unified experience, but much needed data context into their environments. Integrating these capabilities across the Insight platform will enable security teams to make better, faster, and more confident decisions.”