Automation Anywhere has announced the release of its new Automation 360 solution. The new tool will enable companies to discover user activities, document business processes, and analyze process variances; automate more processes; digitize by extracting information from business documents, emails and other unstructured data; and generate business and operational insights on bot performance. 

“The leaders of organizations around the world today are seeking to reinvent their enterprises for a post COVID-19 era by using cloud automation to build more efficient, agile and resilient operating models,” said Prince Kohli, CTO at Automation Anywhere. “Our cloud-native Automation 360 platform clearly communicates to these leaders that if they want to fully empower people with a single, integrated, cloud solution for automating processes at scale across their entire enterprise, there is only one place to turn to, and that’s Automation Anywhere.”

Linkerd 2.10 now available
The latest version features a commitment to minimalism, composability, and building on top of the Linkerd ecosystem, the team explained. This release adds new opt-in extensions, the first set of which includes viz, multicluster, and jaeger. 

Linkerd 2.10 also adds secure multi-cluster support for all TCP connections and opaque ports that make it easy to apply mTLS to all protocols. 

 “Complexity is the enemy. Despite what other projects would have you believe, the service mesh doesn’t have to be complex. We are fanatically dedicated to making Linkerd as small and simple as possible while delivering the features necessary to build secure, reliable applications on Kubernetes,” said William Morgan, CEO of Buoyant, the creator of Linkerd. “The introduction of extensions gives Linkerd adopters more control over their service mesh and provides crucial points of extensibility, in a way that fits in the ethos of the project of simplicity, composability, and empathy for our users.” 

NetApp Astra generally available
This data management service for Kubernetes workloads will enable organizations to protect, recover, and move applications deployed on Kubernetes. 

According to the company, key capabilities of NetApp Astra include data protection with snapshots, disaster recovery with remote backups, and simplified application portability and migration. 

“Backup, cloning, disaster recovery, data lifecycle operations, data optimization, compliance, and security are all critical to any organization,” said Eric Han, vice president of product management of public cloud services at NetApp. “Taken together, these challenges increase complexity. That’s directly at odds with Kubernetes’ goal of simpler, faster and more flexible application development and deployment – a vision that NetApp Astra will help to realize.”