Amazon has announced updates to its Elastic File System (EFS) service, improving latency. Previously latency was in the low single-digit milliseconds, and new updates have brought it to around 600 microseconds for the majority of operations. 

These latency improvements can be experienced on existing or new EFS General Purpose file systems. 

Nutanix simplifies its product portfolio

The new portfolio includes Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM), Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS), Nutanix Database Service (NDB), and Nutanix End User Computing Solutions. 

This change is in response to changing customer needs and a desire to make its products easier to consume.

“The Nutanix Cloud Platform builds on our market leading hyperconverged infrastructure software to deliver a consistent cloud operating model for enterprises,” said Thomas Cornely, SVP Product Management at Nutanix. “Our new, simplified portfolio brings together our rich product capabilities across on-premises and public clouds to deliver consistent infrastructure, data services, management, and operations for applications in virtual machines and containers.

New features in Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform

New features include better matching of pen testers and customers, rapid validation of and triaging of issues, and greater visibility into pen tests. 

The infrastructure for payment has also been updated so that it can provide more granular notifications when a bounty pool hits a certain point.