Fairwinds new SaaS platform is launching a free public beta program. Fairwinds Insight is an open-source project for DevOps teams managing multiple Kubernetes clusters. The project is designed to give teams insight into any potential problems. According to the company, it can reduce the time it takes to research, learn and deploy Kubernetes auditing tools; automatically organize and normalize data from each tool; and enable teams to manage the hand-off from development to production.

In addition, teams can plugin open-source auditing tools for Kubernetes. The free beta tier comes with its own security, reliability and auditing tools such as Fairwinds POlaris, Goldilocks, and Aqua Security’s Kube-hunter.

Redis announces new development and admin tool
Redis revealed RedisInsight, a free development and admin tool designed to visually manipulate and manage data in any Redis deployment. RedisInsight is built on RDBTools, the GUI tool Redis acquired earlier this year.

The company also announced new automated cluster recovery capabilities for its Kubernetes Operator toolkit.

“Both RedisInsight and automated cluster recovery for Kubernetes will enable our customers to increase how and where they use Redis by simplifying how they develop and manage it as an operational database for virtually any use case,” said Alvin Richards, chief product officer at Redis. “RedisInsight provides visibility and enhanced capabilities for tracking, analyzing, and operating Redis, to ensure optimal utilization of the database by any application. Additionally, as modern microservices architectures adopt technologies such as Kubernetes, automated cluster recovery provides precise, repeatable steps to ensure data resiliency and minimum downtime for our customers’ applications, even in severe conditions like cluster quorum loss.”

The latest version of StackRox’s Kubernetes security platform is now available
Version 3.0 introduces new features and workflows for configuration and vulnerability management. According to the company, users will be able to achieve stronger protection as well as more easily understand and discover vulnerabilities across their Kubernetes environments.

New features include: interactive dashboards, Kubernetes role-based access control assessment, Kubernetes secrets access monitoring and Kubernetes-specific policy enforcement.

In addition, the company added new vulnerability management capabilities such as the discovery of Kubernetes vulnerabilities, and language-specific vulnerabilities.

Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk goes beyond IT
Jira Service Desk is being extended to include teams like HR, legal and facilities. As part of the announcement, Atlassian will be providing new templates and workflows purpose-built for these new teams. HR and facilities will be able to leverage the solution to manage tasks such as onboarding and maintenance requests; and legal teams will be able to use it for automated digital workflows, Atlassian explained.

“Jira Service Desk’s new business templates make it even easier for teams to get up and running with a service desk. Within minutes, customers can create an HR onboarding template and associated workflow. The new out-of-the-box capability for HR, facilities, and legal teams reduces dependency on IT, giving business teams much-desired autonomy,” Tania Clarke, senior product marketing manager for Atlassian, wrote in a post.