IT event management company Everbridge has announced the addition of a new correlation and analytics module to its Digital Operations platform. The new module, Service Intelligence, will enable IT teams to minimize the impact of disruptions. 

It provides integrations with popular AIOps and observability tools like Dynatrace, Moogsoft, BigPanda, and DataDog. It also helps to reduce signal noise by only forwarding critical alerts on to IT teams. 

The new module also provides service component mapping that enables teams to correlate changes from CI/CD cycles, code, infrastructure, or feature toggles with issues so that they can determine the root cause. 

Service Intelligence includes a low-code/no-code workflow designer that contains hundreds of actions for IT and DevOps tools. This allows IT teams to automate their IT operations and increase their efficiency.

Another feature in the new module is the integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams, where users can initiate incidents, notify team members, or create meetings. 

“The adoption of cloud services, an increase in distributed and global teams, and remote work have all accelerated the pace of digital transformation for many organizations,” said Prashant Darisi, vice president of global solutions at Everbridge. “Our new Service Intelligence capabilities, part of Everbridge’s market-leading Digital Operations platform, provides automated service component diagnosis, visual root cause identification, and runbook automation to streamline incident response and accelerate resolution.”