Codefresh today announced Codefresh Enterprise, a new solution designed to give enterprises more options to run Codefresh at scale. Codefresh is a continuous delivery platform built for Kubernetes that features self-service test environments, release management and Docker and Helm registry support.

“From our many enterprise customers, like Arm, CBS, La Figaro, HP, and more, along with hundreds of meetings, we’ve learned a lot and have been adding the kinds of features that make it easier for large teams to adopt Codefresh at scale. They asked for more options on how they run Codefresh, what it can build, and how their teams can access projects. We’ve bundled these features together and are calling it Codefresh Enterprise,” Dan Garfield, chief evangelist for Codefresh, wrote in a post.

The enterprise release is designed to offer advanced deployment options, WIndows, Arm build support, and enterprise-grade permissions and authorizations. Key features include a hybrid infrastructure, Docker and Kubernetes support on Windows, Arm and Linux, single sign-on authentication, and role-based access control.

“With Codefresh Enterprise and hybrid deployment, developers can have their cake and eat it too,” Garfield said. “Enterprises want to use SaaS software, but for security reasons, they often have to install and manage software themselves. Managing all that software is expensive, inflexible, and hard to maintain. Codefresh’s hybrid model provides a SaaS-like experience while keeping builds and code on the user’s infrastructure.”