Amazon wants to make it easier for developers and operators to improve application availability with the release of the Amazon DevOps Guru. The new solution automatically detects operational issues and then will recommend a fix. 

“Once a behavior is identified as an operational problem or risk, DevOps Guru alerts developers and operators to the details of the problem so they can quickly understand the scope of the problem and possible causes. DevOps Guru provides intelligent recommendations for fixing problems, saving you time resolving them,” the company wrote in a blog post.  

DevOps Guru leverages machine learning to collect and analyze metrics, logs, and event data as well as identify anything that seems out of the normal operational patterns. 

Amazon believes this solution is necessary because applications are becoming more distributed and compex, making it harder for operators to maintain application availability.

“In many cases, companies must invest developer time in deploying and managing multiple monitoring tools, such as metrics, logs, traces, and events, and storing them in various locations for analysis. Developers or operators also spend time developing and maintaining custom alarms to alert them to issues such as sudden spikes in load balancer errors or unusual drops in application request rates. When a problem occurs, operators receive multiple alerts related to the same issue and spend time combining alerts to prioritize those that need immediate attention,” Amazon explained. 

DevOps Guru will feature a single console to search and visualize operational data and can integrate with Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudFormation and AWS X-Ray.