Frontegg, the provider of a customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform for modern SaaS apps, has unveiled Frontegg Forward, a platform expansion that revolutionizes how SaaS companies handle customer identity and user management. 

This expansion brings four key innovations to the forefront. Firstly, it provides an out-of-the-box solution for managing intricate hierarchies and organizational structures. Secondly, it allows for the delegation of identity and security management to end-users. It also offers AI-driven business analytics without the need for additional code event shipping. Lastly, it features a single-API authorization control system that supports feature flags and subscription-based entitlements.

According to Frontegg, the platform’s no-code and self-service embedded capabilities can save app builders valuable time when handling complex customer identity use cases. With Frontegg Forward, CIAM is expanded to better assist SaaS vendors in addressing the growth and transformation challenges of the next decade.

“Frontegg already excels in allowing developers to easily master large-scale, complex use cases that have until now defied their best efforts. In customer demos, architects often express amazement at our ability to solve multi-app and complex organizational structure user-management challenges. Frontegg Forward ushers in a new era of enabling developers to overcome this complexity,” said Sagi Rodin, CEO of Frontegg.

The system comprises three essential layers: the engine layer, the back office layer, and the security self-serve layer. The engine layer incorporates advanced proprietary engines such as Too-fast-to-Travel, Bot Detection, and Stale Users, enhancing security. 

The back office layer provides SaaS vendors with a complete dashboard for real-time visibility into the security status of their accounts. The security self-serve layer empowers end users to monitor the security of their accounts through the Frontegg Admin Portal, fostering trust and accountability.