Maesh Architecture Schema

Earlier this week, cloud-native networking company Containous announced a new open-source service mesh. Maesh is designed to make service-to-service communications simpler for developers who are building cloud-native apps. 

The project is built on top of Traefik and is lightweight, easy to use, and full featured.

According to Containous, Maesh will help facilitate the adoption of microservices and improve the service mesh experience for developers. It eliminates communication complexity, and allows developers to optimize internal traffic, visualize traffic patterns, and secure communication channels. 

The project is also Service Mesh Interface (SMI) compliant, which means it meets the requirements of the “standard specification for service mesh interoperability in Kubernetes,” the company explained. 

“With Maesh, Containous continues to innovate with the mission to drastically simplify cloud-native adoption for all enterprises,” said Emile Vauge, CEO, Containous. “We’ve been proud of how popular Traefik has been for developers as a critical open source solution, and we’re excited to now bring them Maesh.”