Google has announced a beta release for Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring, designed to enable users to observe Kubernetes in a more comprehensive way.

According to the company, in order to observe complex Kubernetes environments users need to use multiple tools and deal with data coming from a variety of different sources. This results in a siloed view of system behavior.

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring allows users to understand application behavior in production with the integration of metrics, logs, events, and metadata from Kubernetes environment and Prometheus instrumentations, the company explained. In addition, it announced it will be expanding its current integration with Prometheus.

“At Google, we believe that having an enthusiastic community helps a platform stay open and portable. We are committed to continuing our contributions to the Prometheus community to help users run and observe their Kubernetes workloads in the same way, anywhere they want,”JD Velásquez, product manager for Google, wrote in a post.

For developers, the increased observability allows them to understand the normal behavior of applications in addition to analyzing failures and optimizing performance. Developers will be able to shift their focus more towards building apps and less towards instrumenting and managing Kubernetes infrastructure, Google explained

For Site Reliability Engineers, it means that multiple Kubernetes clusters can be managed in a single place. According to the company, this will help them be proactive in managing their Kubernetes environment and preventing problems and outages, while also more efficiently troubleshooting issues when they do arise.

In addition, it helps security engineers see audited data from clusters, providing them with all of the current and historical data associated with a Kubernetes deployment. This will enable them to better analyze and prevent security vulnerabilities, Google explained.

“Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring allows you to get rich Kubernetes observability all in one place. When used together with all the other Stackdriver products, you have a powerful toolset that helps you proactively monitor your Kubernetes workloads to prevent failure, speed up root cause analysis and reduce your mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) when issues occur,”Velásquez wrote.