Amazon Web Services launched the public preview release of AWS App Mesh today. According to AWS, the app news utilizes a new architectural pattern to more efficiently monitor and control traffic between microservices.

The goal of the release is to provide a better way to pinpoint the source of issues like “high latencies, error rates, or error codes” and implement communications management between microservices compared to other open-source solutions available right now, which often rely on custom code and libraries embedded in the individual microservices and can be difficult to install, AWS senior product marketing manager Nate Taber wrote in a blog post.

“With App Mesh, the logic for monitoring and controlling communications between microservices is implemented as a proxy that runs alongside each microservice, instead of being built into the microservice code,” Taber wrote. “The proxy handles all of the network traffic into and out of the microservice and provides consistency for visibility, traffic control, and security capabilities to all of your microservices.”

AWS App Mesh is compatible with microservices that run on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), and Kubernetes running on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute instances. Users can use the platform to map and model the connections between microservices automatically and uses the open-source Envoy proxy, which lends compatibility with many other microservice monitoring tools.

The public preview is currently only available in the North Virginia, Ohio, Oregon and Ireland AWS Regions, and AWS is looking for feedback from users through the project’s GitHub.