Cohesity Helios mobile app

Cohesity has announced a new mobile app that IT teams can use to manage Cohesity clusters. The Cohesity Helios app provides monitoring of infrastructure health and performance, the ability to manage support cases, and alerts on anomalies. 

“In today’s always-on business environment, companies need the ability to respond quickly to critical data issues at any time, from any location,” said Vineet Abraham, senior vice president of products and engineering at Cohesity. “Cybercriminals don’t just work during office hours and having a way to monitor the health of your data clusters from a mobile device 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receive notifications that could uncover a ransomware attack in action, could save your organization millions of dollars and keep brand reputations intact.”

Dashbird launches monitoring platform for managed cloud services
Monitoring company Dashbird has just announced that it secured $2.1 million in seed funding. It also announced an end-to-end monitoring platform for managed cloud services. 

Features of the platform include a rule engine that conducts periodic checks against resource data, a cloud stack summar, automated pre-set condition alerts, and observability. 

EnGenius Cloud announced next three feature releases
The new features include a new Client Timeline that visualizes device connection history, splash page customization tools, and a client blocklist feature. 

According to EnGenius, these features will empower IT administrators to achieve greater efficiency in network management.

TraefikEE achieves Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification
Containous has announced that its edge routing solution TraefikEE has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification. This means that it is now available through Red Hat’s certified partner ecosystem.

“As a Red Hat-certified Operator for Red Hat OpenShift, the TraefikEE Operator from Containous is now part of the Red Hat Partner Connect ecosystem, providing broader choice to our customers and ISVs,” said Julio Tapia, senior director of the cloud platforms ecosystem at Red Hat. “Kubernetes Operators help encode the human operational logic normally required to manage services running as a Kubernetes-native application and aim to make day-to-day operations easier. By providing its Operator on Red Hat OpenShift, Containous’ TraefikkEE users can begin experiencing the next level of benefits from a Kubernetes-native infrastructure, with services designed to ‘just work’ across the cloud where Kubernetes runs.”

CNCF releases a Project Journey Report for Fluentd
The purpose of the report was to assess the state of the Fluentd project and how the CNCF has impacted its growth.

According to the report, since joining the CNCF in 2016, the project has added 7,452 contributors, 52.2K code commits, 6,000 pull requests, 43,161 contributions, and 1,046 contributing companies.