bird migrations

Unravel Data has announced a new cloud assessment tool that will help organizations move their workloads to the cloud. The solution is available for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

According to the company, this new tool offers details of the source environment and its applications, identifies suitable workloads for the cloud and determines optimal cloud topology, and calculates the anticipated hourly costs.

In addition, the cloud assessment tool will offer recommendations for improving performance.

Unravel Data explained that the tool encompasses four different phases: a discovery meeting technical discovery, initial readout, and completed assessment, which includes final insights, recommendations, and next steps.

“Managing big data on-premises is complex and requires expert technical talent to troubleshoot most problems. That’s why more enterprises are moving their data workloads to the cloud, but the migration process isn’t easy, as there’s little visibility into costs and configurations,” said Kunal Agarwal, CEO of Unravel Data. “Unravel’s new cloud migration assessment offer delivers actionable insights and visibility so organizations no longer have to fly blind. No matter where an organization is in its cloud adoption and migration journey, now is the time to accelerate strategic thinking and execution, and this offering ensures the fastest, most cost effective and valuable transition for the full journey-to-cloud lifecycle.”