MarkLogic Corporation, the leading operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database provider, today announced the release of MarkLogic 9.0-5, the latest version of the world’s leading multi-model database platform for securing, sharing and integrating data.

MarkLogic 9.0-5 represents a major step forward in automated, secure workload management for data integration projects in the cloud, and in the data center. The updated version provides large organizations with greater security out-of-the-box, enhanced facilities for mission-critical operations and workload management, and major enhancements to MarkLogic’s open source, fully supported, Data Hub Framework (DHF).

“Enterprises need to innovate, and they need good data to do that. MarkLogic makes data more accessible, more valuable, and more secure,” said Joe Pasqua, EVP and Head of Products at MarkLogic. “These new features and tools provide developers, cloud architects, and IT operators with an even greater ability to integrate their data, build new applications and leverage a 360-degree view of data. With MarkLogic 9.0-5, we’ve further cemented the role of both the database and its underlying data as backbones of a successful modern-day organization focused on speed, agility, and security in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment.”

This latest release by MarkLogic is designed to deliver a true enterprise worthy platform that is ahead of the game in terms of data integration, security and workload management capabilities,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president, Application Development and Deployment, IDC. “The key feature-rich enhancements of MarkLogic 9.0-5 promise improvements to areas in which MarkLogic already excels – helping DBAs and cloud architects better manage large and complex data integration projects. Features such as security by default, semantics support, ontology-driven entity extraction, and new streamlined APIs to build centralized data hubs should be considered essential tooling for any modern-day digital business.”

Notable new features in MarkLogic 9.0-5 include:

  • A Smarter Data Hub Framework (DHF): The DHF, a reference framework for building centralized data hubs, now comes pre-installed with MarkLogic for an even easier developer experience. Several enhancements to its core modules make it easier for developers and architects to orchestrate data ingestion and data curation within the data hub. A new streamlined API will also make building data hubs simpler, while numerous data ingestion and performance enhancements make operations faster and more secure. MarkLogic 9.0-5 also includes enhancements to search, SQL and Semantics to make content-aware data access within the data hub even easier and more powerful.
  • Ontology Driven Entity Extraction: Continuing the process of making MarkLogic semantically aware of your data, MarkLogic 9.0-5 introduces ontology driven entity extraction. This feature allows for the identification of key concepts in unstructured data, extracting them or marking them up in place. The result is improved search results, automated metadata tagging, enhanced governance and more.
  • More Secure and Streamlined Cloud Deployments: MarkLogic 9.0-5 improves cloud data security by connecting MarkLogic’s advanced encryption features to native Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) key management services, creating the highest standard of database encryption in the cloud today. New customer support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC®) with new cloud formation templates ensures the most secure deployments. In addition, a new Configuration Management API within MarkLogic 9.0-5 will simplify complex data operations in order to enable a self-service model for cloud deployments.
  • More Agile, Secure Operations and Workload Management: With production support for Docker® containers, MarkLogic 9.0-5 increases data portability and agility, while enhancing capabilities for workload management. MarkLogic 9.0-5 also takes another leap forward in non-disruptive operations with a new facility that makes maintenance upgrades 10x faster, dramatically reduces downtime and leads to much faster restarts. In addition, whether in the cloud or on-premises, enterprises will be secure by default by having the option to encrypt their databases on install. Lastly, customers can now also tie database security more closely to their operations using LDAP mutual and external bind authentication.

With MarkLogic 9 gaining strong traction in the market of global enterprise and government customers, the new features advance an already dynamic platform and better enable organizations to handle changing business needs, meet growing compliance requirements such as GDPR, and drive differentiated innovation into their organizations.

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