Go Cloud Development Kit (Go CDK) provides libraries and tools that improve the experience of using Go to develop for the cloud. 

Go CDK was first announced in July 2018. It was created because the Go team at Google began interviewing Go users, and a common theme among the responses was that there was a need for portability across cloud providers. Developers wanted to be able to deploy applications in multi-cloud environments without having to make significant changes to their code. 

With Go CDK, developers can use vendor-neutral APIs that can be deployed across cloud providers. This allows hybrid cloud deployments to be supported with a combination of on-premises and cloud tools.

“Go Cloud aims to develop vendor-neutral generic APIs for the most-used services across cloud providers such that deploying a Go application on another cloud is simple and easy. Go Cloud also lays the foundation for other open source projects to write cloud libraries that work across providers. Community feedback, from all types of developers at all levels, will inform the priority of future APIs in Go Cloud,” the Go team wrote in a post