Buildpacks is an Incubation level project at the CNCF that converts source code into images that can be run on any cloud. 

It provides for equal control between developers and operations teams, ensures that apps meet security and compliance requirements, and allows administrators to perform updates with minimal intervention.

The goal of the project is to unify the buildpack ecosystem through a well-defined platform-to-buildpack contract. 

It leverages the latest capabilities of modern container standards, like cross-repository blob mounting and image layer “rebasing.”

Buildpacks was first imagined at Heroku in 2011 and then created by Heroku and Pivotal in 2018. It was accepted into the CNCF in October 2018 and has been adopted at Cloud Foundry, Google App Engine, GitLab, Knative, and more.  

More information about the project is available here