Google Cloud has announced new networking features to enhance security and privacy within container infrastructures. The new Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) features are focused specifically on private clusters, master authorized networks, and shared Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

“These new features enable you to limit access to your Kubernetes clusters from the public internet, confining them within the secure perimeter of your VPC, and to share common resources across your organization without compromising on isolation,” Manjot Pahwa, product manager for Google Cloud, wrote in a post.

For private clusters, the new features will enable users to deploy GKE clusters privately as well as restrict access within your Virtual Private Cloud. For master authorized networks, Google will now block access to a cluster’s master API endpoint and limit access to a set of IP addresses under a user’s control. Lastly, Shared VPC will now feature simplified cluster maintenance and operations with separate responsibilities, the company explained.

“GKE provides the network and security centralized management for your enterprise deployments, and allows your sensitive workloads to remain secure and private within the boundaries of your VPC,” Pahwa wrote.