Google Cloud is expanding its Compute Engine offerings with new Compute-Optimized VMs and Memory-Optimized VMs, both of which are based on second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

“Whether you’re running compute-bound applications for HPC or large, in-memory database applications like SAP HANA, you need the right mix of compute resources for the job, while also keeping an eye on price-performance. The vast majority of enterprise workloads run successfully on Google Cloud Platform using our general-purpose VMs. However, as you port more workloads to the cloud, you may need VMs that are optimized for specific types of workloads,” Brad Calder, VP of engineering at Google Cloud, and Bard Sano, VP of platforms at Google Cloud wrote in a post.

Compute-Optimized VMs provide performance and memory speeds ideal for compute-intensive workloads. According to Google, the Compute-Optimized VMs are useful in use cases such as HPE, electronic design automation, gaming, and single-threaded applications.

These new VMs offer a 40 percent increase in performance improvement compared to the currently available Google Cloud Platform VMs, Google explained.

Memory-Optimized VMs provide a high memory configuration for Compute Engine VMs. According to Google, they are ideal for memory-intensive workloads including in-memory databases and in-memory data analytics.

According to Google, pricing for Compute-Optimized VMs will start at $.0209/hour and be capped at $3.13/hour. Pricing for the Memory-Optimized VMs has not yet been announced.