Google Cloud and Elastifile logos side by side

Google Cloud is bolstering its file storage capabilities with a new acquisition. The tech giant has officially entered into an agreement to acquire Elastifile for its file storage capabilities.

Google Cloud believes that file storage is crucial to infrastructure. Therefore, file storage should be a priority for customers who are looking to accelerate their digital transformation, the company explained.

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“Helping our customers solve difficult storage challenges for their most critical workloads has enabled these enterprises to unleash the full benefits of the cloud,” said Erwan Menard, CEO at Elastifile. “We’re excited to join Google for the next part of our journey, building on the success we’ve had together over the past two and a half years. File storage is essential to enterprise cloud adoption and, together with Google, we are well-positioned to serve those needs.”

What makes Elastifile attractive to Google is that it has a software-defined method for Network Attached Storage (NAS). This allows organizations to scale without much overhead. Google Cloud plans on integrating this technology with Google Cloud Filestore.

Google expects to complete the acquisition later this year, though it is subject to closing conditions.