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3 keys to enhancing connected experiences in modern networks

Whether it is a customer making an online purchase or an employee working with a SaaS application, high-performance digital connectivity is a must. When these connected experiences are degraded or fail, it’s a big problem. These issues can have an immediate and dramatic impact on productivity, revenues, brand, customer loyalty, and more. However, ensuring responsive, … continue reading

3 keys to optimizing operations in modern networking environments

In many enterprises, it seems IT and network operations teams are constantly being forced to react to problems, which leaves little time to make the meaningful optimizations that advance the organization’s objectives. Those realities only grow more pronounced as the implications of today’s modern networks continue to make their presence known. User connections continue to … continue reading

3 steps to accelerating your network transformations

For decades, the data center had also represented the network center, functioning as the core hub for applications, routing, firewalls, processing, and more. Now, the enterprise is highly reliant upon distributed workplaces, cloud-based resources, and third-party-operated networks. In the wake of this shift, a modern network has emerged, one that’s more diverse, complex, and dynamic … continue reading

Report: Automation issues drive breaches in SLAs

Ninety percent of participants in Broadcom’s recent research survey acknowledged that issues in automation are directly contributing to breaches in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These breaches are not just isolated incidents but a recurring theme that is impacting businesses significantly. On top of that, 61% report SLA breaches monthly or more frequently. The direct consequences … continue reading

IT Operations: Has Your Network Visibility Become Cloudy? Regain Your Sight

Organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-based services such as SaaS-based apps and using hybrid and multi-cloud approaches. While the cloud has its advantages, it can create new challenges for IT and network operations teams. These teams are still responsible for ensuring that all of the connections between various components and services are available and performant. And … continue reading

Broadcom acquires VMware

Broadcom announced that it has acquired VMware to work on solutions that help customers optimize their private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, and to run applications and services from anywhere. Broadcom is shifting its focus towards assisting enterprise customers in developing and modernizing their private and hybrid cloud environments. The company plans to invest in VMware … continue reading

Modern network management needs to be experience-driven

Driving a new car for the first time used to be easy. You stepped in, turned the key, let go of the handbrake, and off you went. Not so now. Once seated, you press a button – or should you turn a key? – checking your foot is on the footbrake. Looking for the handbrake, … continue reading

Broadcom: 81% of companies are using more than one cloud automation solution

Eight-one percent of organizations today employ more than one cloud automation solution, according to a recent Broadcom survey. This practice leads to increased costs, complicates troubleshooting, and causes delivery delays. The survey asked IT, cloud, and deployment professionals at companies of all sizes representing all seniority levels were invited to participate in a survey on … continue reading

Three ways to avoid AI-related network performance problems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is upending almost every sector – from health care and education to manufacturing and retail. It’s even creeping into comedy. Ameca – billed as the ‘world’s most advanced humanoid robot,’ according to UK start-up Engineered Arts – recently attempted to tell a joke. The punchline is so poor that we will leave … continue reading

Don’t Let WAN Bandwidth Get in the Way of Your AI Initiatives

New technologies emerge like baggage at an airport carousel. Every so often, a new one pops out from under that rubber flap we all stare at as we wait for our luggage. Cloud, virtualization, software-defined networks. They’ve all been around the carousel.  One of the most recent to emerge is artificial intelligence (AI) and its … continue reading

8 reasons enterprise automation is vital to cloud strategy success

The cloud is fast becoming the platform of choice to power almost every enterprise application, and with good reason – the cloud offers significant benefits including flexibility, security, and low total cost of ownership. However, that success is not without its challenges. Moving on-premises systems to the cloud and digitally transforming key processes has a … continue reading

Apple announces multi-billion dollar partnership with Broadcom to advance 5G

Apple announced a long-term, multibillion-dollar partnership with Broadcom. This partnership will produce components for 5G radio frequencies and the latest wireless connectivity technology, with specific emphasis on FBAR filters created in cities like Fort Collins, Colorado – a site of a large Broadcom factory.  The investment is a continuation of Apple’s 2021 commitment to invest … continue reading Protection Status

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