Cloudflare has announced that it has acquired Baselime, which is a cloud-native observability platform for developers. The main benefit of the acquisition is to solve the challenges of performing observability on serverless applications. 

“Two million developers building on Cloudflare trust us to help scale their apps globally, but can still struggle to understand the behavior of their cloud applications,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “We believe that to be the leading developer platform, having the best observability tools built in is going to be table-stakes. Baselime has raised the standard for serverless observability and we can further unlock those insights for every developer building on our platform.”

The added capabilities from Baselime will enable Cloudflare customers to analyze observability data across thousands of fields and values, adopt OpenTelemetry-based tools, and perform real-time error tracking based on logs, alerts, trace diagrams and timelines, a query engine, and an AI debugging assistant. 

Customers will also be able to more easily measure the costs associated with their serverless applications because it gives more visibility into the rate of requests made and sources of latency. 

“Cloudflare is building the next frontier of cloud computing with their connectivity cloud. Our core mission has always been to simplify and innovate observability for the future of the cloud, and Cloudflare’s ecosystem offers the ideal ground to further this cause,” said Boris Tane, founder and CEO of Baselime. “With Cloudflare, we’re positioned to deeply integrate into a platform that two million developers trust, enabling them to build, ship, and troubleshoot applications fast. I am incredibly excited about the potential of what we can build together and the impact it will have on developers around the world.”