Google Cloud is expanding its multi-cloud platform Anthos to support multi-cloud environments. This will enable organizations to better consolidate their operations and have more options to choose from. In its latest release, it announced support for AWS. 

“The flexibility to run applications where you need them without added complexity has been a key factor in choosing Anthos—many customers want to continue to use their existing investments both on-premises as well as in other clouds, and having a common management layer helps their teams deliver quality services with low overhead,” Jennifer Lin, vice president of product management at Google Cloud wrote in a post.

Another way Google is trying to make  it easier to manage diverse environments is by adding further support for virtual machines. Customers can now do policy and configuration management and manage services in heterogeneous environments. 

Later in the year the company will also add the ability to run Anthos without a third-party hypervisor. This will eliminate management overhead of vendor relationships, and is especially helpful on workloads that need to run on bare metal, Google explained. 

Finally, Google announced Migrate for Anthos, which simplifies day-two operations and enables users to integrate migrated workloads with other Anthos services. 

“This is a time of great uncertainty. Enterprises need an application platform that embraces the technology choices they’ve already made, and gives them the flexibility they need to adapt to what comes next. Google Cloud and our partners are here to help you with your journey,” said Lin.