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AWS Summit New York is taking place today, bringing together the cloud community to collaborate and learn about AWS. Amazon and other companies are also using the event as an opportunity to launch and showcase new products.

Here are a few highlights from AWS Summit New York:

AWS Cloud Development Kit
Amazon has announced the availability of AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for TypeScript and Python. AWS CDK was first introduced last year as a developer preview.

According to the company, AWS CDK is an “extensible open-source software development framework to model and provision your cloud infrastructure using familiar programming languages.

Amazon EventBridge
The company is releasing Amazon EventBridge, allowing customers to integrate AWS and SaaS applications. The SaaS application can be published anywhere, and customers can publish events to a specific event bus.

Amazon EventBridge is launching with 10 partners, including Datadog, Zendesk, PagerDuty, Whispir, Saviynt, Segment, SignalFx, SugarCRM, OneLogin, and Symantec.

It is available today in all public AWS regions.

Alluxio 2.0
In addition to Amazon’s announcements, data orchestration solution provider Alluxio has announced the release of Alluxio 2.0. New benefits in this update include policy-driven data management, improved administration of data access policies, cross-cloud storage efficient data movement, compute-focused cluster partitioning, and integration with external data sources.

Alluxio 2.0 also adds support for AWS Elastic Map Reduce (EMR).