DataStax announced the private beta of Vector, an AIOps service for Apache Cassandra that continually assesses the behavior of a Cassandra cluster to provide developers and operators with automated diagnostics and advice.

The beta release uses reactive learnings to offer proactive advice, according to the company in a post. Vector is able to analyze individual nodes, compare behavior to other nodes in the cluster, and serve up recommendations, such as Cassandra and operating system configuration, schema design, and Cassandra performance and query techniques.

The product provides recommendations with detailed background knowledge on how to fix a problem.

“DataStax Enterprise enables us to build highly scalable cloud-native applications as an industrial IoT platform and bring them to any cloud with ease,” says Shinichiro Matsunaga, the manager of iQuattro at NTT DATA Corporation. “Vector promises to optimize our DevOps workflows considerably, enabling our team to build better data-driven applications in less time and with less friction—all while leveraging cutting-edge technologies and open source tools to delight our users.”

In addition to automated expert advice, Vector also includes continuous updates of rules and advice, which is then deployed to SaaS and on-premises applications and automatically applied to clusters. 

It also includes visualizations of system usage with insightful charting to understand tables, keyspaces, and nodes. That way developers can track how a cluster is performing without having to log into Cassandra nodes. 

“Vector is an industry first for Cassandra with its automated advice, continuous updates, and hands-off management. By working closely with our enterprises in the beta program and acquiring actionable feedback, we will continue to advance Vector’s features to improve Cassandra management and operations,” said Ed Anuff, the chief product officer at DataStax.