GoTo has recently unveiled GoPilot, a novel AI assistant designed for GoTo Resolve, which is a remote access tool for IT support teams. This new assistant is set to transform IT professionals’ approach towards managing and supporting their device fleet. GoPilot offers a smart, interactive tool that delivers a complete overview of user endpoints, facilitating easier management and oversight.

GoPilot is engineered to automate diagnostics and guide users through problem resolutions, streamlining the IT support process. By leveraging artificial intelligence, GoPilot can efficiently identify and solve technical issues, reducing downtime and improving productivity. This capability enables IT professionals to address problems more effectively, enhancing the overall IT infrastructure’s reliability.

Also, GoPilot is designed to learn from its interactions and diagnostics, enabling it to anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions. This predictive feature represents a significant advancement in IT management, allowing preemptive action to avoid issues before they impact business operations. 

Other capabilities of GoPilot include the ability to streamline device diagnostics, remove language barriers to support global teams, eliminate note-taking and session recaps, simplify patch management, and easily create and deploy new policies

“GoPilot is the latest addition to GoTo Resolve’s AI features that have already enhanced the agent and end-user experience with time-saving tools such as AI script creation and self-service resolution recommendations. With GoPilot, we’re giving IT teams more time and resources to focus on the tasks that truly matter – like scaling and securing their business and supporting their employees,” said Olga Lagunova, chief product and technology officer at GoTo.