Sequitur Labs announced two new options for its EmSPARK Security Solutions with both Base and Advanced packages that allows manufacturers to secure embedded designs for IoT protection. The Sequitur Labs product was essentially broken into two different offerings for people at different stages of their embedded security development. 

The Base package provides the essential security defenses for IoT applications that are easy to install, integrate and manage. This includes core features such as secure boot, firmware updates, device failure recovery and software provisioning.  

Meanwhile, the Advanced Package option provides a complete suite of security features and functions for protecting devices at all stages of their lifecycle, which includes a suite of APIs and Trusted Applications for advanced functions including key and certificate management, secure storage, cryptography, cloud integration, and protection of AI/ML models at the network edge. 

According to the company, the suite is ideal for use cases in which embedded security is essential such as industrial control, building automation, the smart home, machine vision, automotive communication and medical devices. 

“As a trusted provider of device security, manufacturers turn to Sequitur to provide solutions that fall outside of their core competencies,” said Philip Attfield, Co-founder and CEO, Sequitur Labs. “Rather than try to build and implement security measures of their own, these manufacturers are leveraging EmSPARK’s powerful security defenses to protect their critical intellectual property. By offering EmSPARK LT, we continue to find ways to offer innovative approaches that reduce the time to market for products with uncompromising device protection.” 

The solution protects IP by housing algorithms as a Trusted Application in the Secure Enclave and models and applications are encrypted with device specific keys while at rest. Models and applications are also protected in isolated memory during runtime. 

EmSPARKTM also partitions memory for secure key and certificate management as well as secure boot, updates and recovery via secure enclave. 

The CoreLockr capability within the suite provides two mechanisms to protect content on a device: opaque keys, which includes device specific encrypted and signed key to be loaded to key store in TEE, and opaque objects, device Specific encrypted and signed data to be decrypted on device. 

Additional details on the two solution options from Sequitur Labs are available here.