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Celebrating SysAdmin Day by reflecting on the importance of system administrators

It seems that nowadays, practically every occupation has its own holiday. While every job is important and should be recognized, one could argue that system administrators are some of the most important people in an organization. That’s why today, system administrators are celebrating SysAdmin Day, also referred to as some as “Sysmas.” System administrators are … continue reading

Report: Security Operations Centers are understaffed

A large amount of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are understaffed, a newly released report finds. The 2018 State of the SOC Report by Exabeam revealed 55 percent of SOC professionals feel that their SOC is correctly staffed, 45 percent believe that their SOC is understaffed and 63 percent believe that they could use two to 10 … continue reading

Atlassian Access gives admins more control over Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian has announced the general availability of Atlassian Access, which provides administrators with visibility, control, and security over Atlassian Cloud products. At the same time, it provides users with easy access to the collaborative tools they rely on. The solution works for all users in an organization using Atlassian Cloud products, not just on single … continue reading Protection Status

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