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Tigera announces Calico Security Policy Recommender improvements

Tigera introduced Calico Security Policy Recommender improvements such as security policy recommendations for namespaces, FIPS compliance for use by federal agencies, and new dashboards.  The ability to recommend policies at the namespace level along with policies at the pod level enables users to add microsegmentation without worrying about application-level changes. This is useful for customers … continue reading

You can’t scale security and compliance without automation

Lately, I’ve seen more breaches happening from internal errors than from big hacks or network breaches — and unless we step back and figure out how to effectively embed security and compliance and scale them automatically, this trend will continue. There are compound factors at play — infrastructure and DevOps teams are stretched thin from … continue reading

Cohesity announces DataHawk, new Data Security Alliance

Cohesity announced DataHawk, a data security SaaS solution focused on helping companies recover from and prevent cyberattacks as well as a new Data Security Alliance.  The alliance will combine solutions from cybersecurity and services companies such as BigID, Cisco, CrowdStrike, CyberArk, Okta, and more with Cohesity’s data security and management expertise. Partners will be able … continue reading

Okta introduces new capabilities to enable enterprise security, productivity, and agility

Okta, an independent identity provider, today announced new innovations to Okta Workforce Identity Cloud at Oktane22. These new capabilities are designed to strengthen the company’s single control plane for managing identity factors spanning enterprise resources and users. Among these innovations are anti-phishing factors across user types and resources as well as unified access management, governance, … continue reading

Dell expands zero trust offerings with identity and endpoint protection

Dell announced new services for Microsoft products that focus on zero trust, including Identity and Endpoint Protection with Microsoft Zero Trust.  The new capability aims to help companies achieve zero trust alignment by providing expert guidance, implementation services, adoption and change management strategies.  It provides assessments of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory and offers … continue reading

Keyfactor introduces Keyfactor Signum to simplify code signing process

The machine and IoT identity platform Keyfactor today announced the launch of Keyfactor Signum, a new code signing as-a-service platform that simplifies the process developers go through to sign code and containers in a secure way, without affecting productivity. Keyfactor Signum is intended to address the threat of software supply chain attacks that compromise application … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Wazuh

Wazuh is an open-source security platform for threat prevention, detection, and response that can protect workloads across on-premises, virtualized, containerized, and cloud-based environments.  It consists of an endpoint security agent deployed to the monitoring systems and a management server which collects and analyzes data gathered by those agents. It is fully integrated with Elastic Stack, … continue reading

Dell announces new Zero Trust features to help customers prevent security threats

Dell has announced new features and capabilities to help customers prevent, detect, and respond to security threats.  First up, it is now offering the ability for customers to disable PC ports before they ship. According to Dell, this will help prevent BIOS settings from being tampered with during shipping. Tamper-evident seals will also be made … continue reading

Tenable announces new exposure management platform

Tenable today announced the release of Tenable One, an Exposure Management Platform to unify discovery and visibility into all assets to assess their exposures and vulnerabilities across an entire attack surface.  The platform brings the organization’s entire attack surface (both on-premises and cloud-based) into a single view. It aggregates vulnerability data across the IT infrastructure, … continue reading

SPIFFE and SPIRE projects graduate from CNCF Incubator

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that SPIFFE and SPIRE are now graduated projects.  Secure Production Identity Framework For Everyone (SPIFFE) provides a secure identity to workloads in modern production environments and SPIRE (the SPIFFE Runtime Environment) is the code that implements the SPIFFE specification on a wide variety of platforms.  SPIRE exposes the … continue reading

Sysdig announces new CSPM and guided remediation tool

Sysdig, the unified container and cloud security company, has unveiled ToDo, a cloud security posture management offering that aggregates security findings by root cause and prioritizes remindiation based on impact, and Remediation Guru, which offers guided remediation at the source. According to Sysdig, ToDo works to save time during investigations and Remediation Guru enables security … continue reading

Google completes acquisition of Mandiant

Google announced that it completed the acquisition of Mandiant, a provider of dynamic cyber defense, threat intelligence and incident response services.  The addition of Mandiant’s threat intelligence to Google’s data processing, novel analytics approaches with AI and machine learning, and a focus on eliminating entire classes of threats aims to help enterprises stay protected at … continue reading Protection Status

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