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Malwarebytes expands ThreatDown with new feature for blocking unwanted apps from launching

Malwarebytes has announced the introduction of a new feature that stops applications from launching into its endpoint security solution ThreatDown. The new feature, called Application Block, prevents unauthorized, unwanted, or malicious apps from launching. IT teams can specify particular apps that they don’t want opened either, such as apps they deem to hinder productivity.  According … continue reading

NIST identifies cyberattacks that manipulate AI behavior

The recent publication by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and their partners highlights a significant vulnerability in AI/ML systems: the susceptibility to adversarial attacks.  NIST states that the challenge is that training data for AI systems may not always be reliable in a blog post. The data often comes from online sources … continue reading

Cisco to acquire Isovalent

Cisco announced the intent to acquire Isovalent, which provides open-source software and enterprise solutions solving networking, security, and observability needs for modern cloud native infrastructure. Isolavent created Cilium, an eBPF-based networking tool, and contributed it to the CNCF. Through that contribution and collaborations with the community, Isovalent has advanced the project to the status of … continue reading

Qmulos Q-Compliance V4.4.0 and Q-Audit V3.7.0 are generally available

Qmulos has announced the general availability of Q-Compliance V4.4.0 and Q-Audit V3.7.0, two platforms in its suite of compliance, security, and risk management automation solutions.  These releases incorporate workflow and ticketing capabilities, empowering organizations to tailor security and compliance investigations, escalations, and approvals according to their unique needs. By providing these customizable processes, Qmulos aims … continue reading

ManageEngine enhances Log360 with features that improve the accuracy and precision of SIEM

ManageEngine introduced a dual-layered threat detection system in its security information and event management (SIEM) solution, Log360.  This feature, part of Log360’s threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) component called Vigil IQ, aims to enhance the accuracy and precision of threat detection for security operations center (SOC) teams. The move is in response to challenges … continue reading

Palo Alto Networks updates Prisma SASE with enhancements to Zero Trust, user experience

Palo Alto Networks is introducing new updates to its platform that will help companies achieve Zero Trust security with its Prisma SASE application. Prisma SASE is a cloud-native architecture that integrates SD-WAN and security. “The strong force of distributed resources is shaping today’s organizations – workers are hybrid and applications are increasingly moving to the … continue reading

Report: 97% of consumers are bracing for cyberattacks to continue getting worse in 2024

Nearly all consumers are feeling like the number of cyberattacks that happen isn’t going down in the next year. Ninety-seven percent of respondents to a survey conducted by ThreatX said cyberattacks will either increase or remain the same in 2024, and 94% say that cyberattacks will be more difficult to defend against.  In addition, 69% … continue reading

Frontegg launches Frontegg Forward for secure customer digital identity management

Frontegg, the provider of a customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform for modern SaaS apps, has unveiled Frontegg Forward, a platform expansion that revolutionizes how SaaS companies handle customer identity and user management.  This expansion brings four key innovations to the forefront. Firstly, it provides an out-of-the-box solution for managing intricate hierarchies and organizational … continue reading

Trend Micro unveils new cloud container security capabilities

Trend Micro has introduced enhanced container security features for its main endpoint security platform, focusing on providing comprehensive protection, detection, and response for secure digital transformation.  Trend Vision One Container Security’s capabilities allow analysts to expedite and improve incident prioritization, potentially reducing the time spent on container security incidents by up to two weeks, the … continue reading

Linkerd Enterprise launched as first enterprise-focused distribution of Linkerd Service Mesh Project

Buoyant, the company behind Linkerd, has introduced Linkerd Enterprise, a commercial distribution of Linkerd tailored for enterprise users.  It enhances the open-source Linkerd with features specific to enterprise needs, such as zero trust and FIPS 140-2 compliance, a sophisticated cost-aware load balancer, automation for lifecycle management, and additional functionalities to support enterprise adoption. “Over the … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cilium

Cilium provides eBPF-based networking, observability, and security for container workloads. It enables users to secure network connectivity between application services deployed using Linux container management platforms like Kubernetes. Cilium is built upon a Linux kernel technology known as eBPF. This technology allows for the real-time integration of robust security, visibility, and network control logic directly … continue reading

LogRhythm Axon quarterly release empowers security operations

LogRhythm announced a new release of its Axon solution that introduces significant enhancements and expansion to Axon and the full suite of LogRhythm solutions. The release enhances the capabilities of security operations centers by allowing seamless detection, investigation, and response to potential threats. LogRhythm Axon is a cloud-native SaaS platform with an interface that collects … continue reading Protection Status

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