Topic: load balancing

ngrok launches Global Server Load Balancing to improve performance and resiliency

Ngrok announced its always-on Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB). This service automatically directs both end-user traffic and agent traffic to the nearest Point of Presence (PoP) based on latency, without the need for additional configuration.  This feature is now active by default for all ngrok customers, providing faster and more reliable experiences for end users. … continue reading

Google Cloud introduces new load balancing features

Google Cloud is introducing two new features to its Layer-4 Internal Load Balancing (L4 ILB) system that aims to provide greater availability, scale, and ease of management. L4 ILB is intended to make workloads that need to be private and can’t access the Internet more resilient and scalable. The two new features are: ILB global … continue reading

Heptio Gimbal provides a robust load balancing platform built on Kubernetes

Heptio has announced the open source initiative Heptio Gimbal, which is a load balancer built on Kubernetes. Heptio Gimbal enables the unification and merging of Internet traffic into hybrid cloud environments. The project was created as a joint effort between Heptio and Actapio, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan, as a way to modernize Yahoo Japan’s … continue reading Protection Status

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