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What Incident Management teaches us about the pandemic

In early 2020, before we realized that the pandemic was surging under our noses and that we were mere months away from global lockdowns, I was sitting in a bar off of Brannan Street in San Francisco talking about building my new company, Kintaba, around modern incident management. At the time, this seemed to be … continue reading

How teams can better collaborate on incident management

Outages can be devastating to digital businesses — if your app isn’t working, or if your site is down, you’re losing revenue by the minute. And in the modern world of high-velocity application development, outages are a matter of if, not when. However, many companies don’t spend the time and resources necessary to prepare for … continue reading

xMatters Incident Console screenshot

xMatters to reinvent incident management with new platform advancements

xMatters wants to put an end to antiquated and repetitive management processes with a new vision for advancing incident management. According to the company, overly structured and rigid approaches must end in order to develop and deploy reliable digital services faster.  “The digital transformation of business, culture and technology raises the complexity of detecting and … continue reading

Atlassian targets major incident management with deal to acquire OpsGenie and Jira Ops launch

Atlassian is driving deeper into IT Service Management (ITSM) with a deal to acquire incident alerting tool supplier OpsGenie for $295 million and the launch of its new Jira Ops platform. The company announced the deal and Jira Ops yesterday at the Atlassian Summit Europe, taking place in Barcelona. Atlassian’s moves signal a focus on … continue reading Protection Status

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