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Vega Cloud Announces Cosmoo, the AI FinOps Analyst

Vega Cloud announces a series of updates to its Enterprise FinOps platform, the most significant of which is an AI-powered chatbot named Cosmoo. In addition to Cosmoo, Vega Cloud has released new cost reporting and management tools, a data API, enterprise SSO enhancements, and various developer experience improvements. Macro-economic uncertainty and budget constraints are driving CIOs … continue reading

Containing cloud costs a team effort

Cloud computing has made it easier for development organizations to deliver software and updates more rapidly, by empowering engineering teams to autonomously create the environments they need, add more storage and leverage microservices through containers and Kubernetes management. But there is a downside. Cloud costs can spiral out of control if not watched carefully. And … continue reading

Low-hanging fruits to quickly reduce cloud costs in 2022

A new year is always a good time to check your expenses. One expense that keeps on climbing constantly in many organizations is related to the cloud expenses, expected to expand up to $1 trillion by 2024, according to IDC. While this can be a good thing, indicating the business is scaling and cloud resources … continue reading


ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Infracost

Infracost is an open-source cloud cost estimator designed to help DevOps, SREs and developers estimate the cost of Infrastructure as Code projects.  It can be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline to see what impact a change to a business’ infrastructure can do. Infracost currently supports 100 AWS and Google resources, but the team has been … continue reading Protection Status

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