Vega Cloud announces a series of updates to its Enterprise FinOps platform, the most significant of which is an AI-powered chatbot named Cosmoo. In addition to Cosmoo, Vega Cloud has released new cost reporting and management tools, a data API, enterprise SSO enhancements, and various developer experience improvements.

Macro-economic uncertainty and budget constraints are driving CIOs to optimize operations and reduce costs. At the same time, IT departments are increasing investments in AI, harnessing and leveraging data to pursue competitive advantages, raising security concerns, and streamlining access to platforms and services.

The product updates announced today by Vega Cloud were designed to address these issues. At a high level, Vega Cloud’s platform allows IT leaders to optimize cloud spending across networks, applications and other multi-cloud elements from a single point of access. Standard features include cost allocation and identification, daily recommendations for cost improvements and deep automation to implement recommendations that save time and maximize savings. The new capabilities allow IT leaders to further optimize cloud spending and increase data-driven decision making while ensuring security and convenience. Here are the highlights:

Cosmoo, the AI-Powered FinOps Analyst

Cosmoo was designed as a virtual cloud FinOps analyst. It leverages generative AI to help IT leaders streamline financial operations, gain insights and make informed decisions. It automates financial data analysis, budget management, expense tracking and report generation, delivering actionable insights and real-time alerts. Having access to a virtual FinOps analyst 24×7 can help companies better take advantage of the Vega Cloud platform and get their questions answered simply and fast.

Data API

The new Vega Cloud data API provides seamless access to an extensive repository of data, empowering FinOps analysts, developers and businesses to retrieve, manipulate and analyze data with ease and efficiency. Key aspects include:

  • Data Access: Endpoints for retrieving, creating, updating, and deleting platform data, including user data, content and transactions.
  • Data Query: A query endpoint allowing standard SQL like queries to retrieve specific data.
  • Functionality Integration: Enables use of platform-specific functionalities such as authentication, notifications and payments.
  • Interoperability: Facilitates integration with external applications and services.
  • Security and Permissions: Ensures secure data access and manipulation through authentication and authorization measures.

Enterprise SSO Enhancements

Streamlined SSO configuration with clearer instructions and faster setup, along with convenient direct login from SSO Service Provider dashboards such as Okta and Office 365, improving security and user experience.

Developer Experience Improvements

Vega Cloud now enables custom integrations with the platform through client registrations. This involves creating a client object and client secret, ensuring secure application authentication. The Vega Cloud platform supports up to five client registrations per user, each with its own expiration date, providing flexibility and scalability.

“We are incredibly excited to announce these product updates today,” said Kris Bliesner, founder and CEO of Vega Cloud. “Among other things, they highlight the innovative use of AI to automate and optimize financial operations. Cosmoo in particular goes further than any other AI tool in the market in terms of its ability to optimize cloud spending. As always, we are focused on continuously improving our platform and innovating to ensure that we are meeting the evolving needs of our customers and partners.”