SQream, the developers of a GPU-accelerated data warehouse called SQream DB, announced the launch of its IoT Edge Partner Innovation Lab.

“The SQream Nano Partner Innovation Lab will build on the successful results we have with enterprises around the world, and provide an infrastructure for IoT partners who want to leverage our ability to store very large amounts of data locally for near real-time monitoring and analysis,” said Ami Gal, the co-founder and CEO of SQream.

The lab, based in the company’s Tel Aviv, Israel, R&D facility, will propel the SQream Nano initiative to bring together high-performance computing, data management, analytics and edge AI.

SQream Nano combines the power of SQream DB in a low-profile, energy-efficient NVIDIA Jetson system, with ultra-fast analytics capabilities. It can monitor of billions of daily events, correlate them, and provide predictive analytics.

Nano tailors to IoT edge computing because it can provide millions of data points per second, SQL access, near real-time SQL performance and can output machine data directly to SQream DB.

While the move to IoT is going to greatly increase the amount of stored data, edge computing will be responsible for the rapid analytics of that data close to the source.

“When we started developing SQream DB, one of the original ideas was to enable streaming IoT data for rapid analytics at the edge,” Gal said.