SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced that it has launched SolarWinds Passportal suite—a unified set of password management and privileged client knowledge management tools, adding to its IT security product portfolio. This represents another advance in SolarWinds’ mission to provide products that are purposefully designed to make the jobs of technology professionals easier, and in filling a gap in the market not met by enterprise-level security vendors.

“At SolarWinds, every move we make to build out our solutions starts with one question: Does this help solve a problem for our customers? When we decided to augment our security portfolio with the SolarWinds Passportal suite, we answered that question with a definitive yes,” stated Kevin Thompson, CEO, SolarWinds. “The new SolarWinds Passportal product suite will arm IT service providers with the ability to more effectively manage and secure the broad range of IT ecosystems under their purview. While many security vendors take a complex approach to solving IT security management challenges, our focus has always been to make IT—including security—look easy, despite the complexities in the background. Today’s launch fully supports that mission, and is another step in helping our customers stay focused on IT management vs. IT problem-solving. That’s our job.”

The new suite joins the family through the acquisition of Passportal, a company that delivers MSP-focused password management and privileged client knowledge management tools that integrate easily with a wide range of IT software products.

“For most MSPs, password management is complex and time consuming as they scale their service business, but they need it to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk,” stated John Pagliuca, Executive Vice President, General Manager, MSP, SolarWinds. “The SolarWinds Passportal suite specifically addresses this need as it was designed from the ground up for MSPs.  With a purpose-built open framework, this newest MSP security product easily integrates with the tools our customers are already using (even those which they may be unintentionally locked into using) to help them run their environments in the ways they want and need. The ability to quickly add on specialized tools like password management and privileged information management is especially critical for the MSP whose customer, the SMB, has become the new cybercrime target du jour.”

SolarWinds Passportal suite of products provides MSPs with easy-to-use password management and privileged client knowledge management tools in a singular console. Products are delivered both self-serve and via a Password Management as a Service (PMaaS) model, that allows an IT service provider to deliver a rebranded service offering to alleviate the password pains and struggles their clients endure.  Specific capabilities include secure password and documentation management for rapid access to the privileged information needed for effective support, and self-service password reset to deliver a more secure and automated experience. The GDPR-compliant, SOC 2 Type 1 certified products are designed to easily integrate with third-party solutions that MSPs already use.

“Passportal is honored to become a part of the SolarWinds family,” stated Colin Knox, CEO, Passportal. “I’ve been an MSP myself and I know the challenges they face every day as they grapple with how to find the right IT and security tools to support their business. We’ve always developed technologies with the MSP in mind, and that’s completely mapped to the SolarWinds approach of putting the customer first, with industry leading IT management products designed with simplicity in mind. It’s a truly exciting move for us and the MSP market.”