Sysdig introduced agentless cloud detection based on open-source Falco, extending cloud detection and response (CDR) beyond workload agents to cloud, GitHub, and Okta logs in its Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP).

As organizations expand their cloud environments, they encounter sprawl consisting of hundreds of unregulated applications, services, and identities, which potentially present vulnerabilities. 

CNAPP can instantly and continuously grasp the entire environmental context and the newly unified platform comprehends the entire application life cycle, positions the application at the core, and consolidates security tools around it. Leveraging its runtime insights, which indicate what is currently utilized in production, Sysdig is capable of making more informed decisions throughout the software life cycle, according to the company in a post

Sysdig employs a methodology similar to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), gathering all pertinent real-time events into a singular view when a security breach transpires. Additionally, teams are offered a dynamic view of their infrastructure via Kubernetes Live.

With the help of the Sysdig Process Tree, swift detection and elimination of threats are made possible by revealing the trajectory of the attack from user to process. This includes details on process lineage, container and host data, malevolent user information, and the extent of the impact.

Lastly, Sysdig’s Dashboards offer a unified perspective on crucial security issues, highlighting events across cloud systems, containers, Kubernetes, and hosts for real-time threat prioritization. Furthermore, Sysdig provides dynamic alignment with the MITRE framework for cloud-native environments, keeping security teams fully informed of the ongoing situation.