With the goal of turning observability into a conversation, platform provider Logz.io today announced the launch of Observability IQ, its AI strategy and roadmap, and introduced IQ Assistant, an AI-driven, chat-based capability.

According to the company announcement, Logz.io IQ Assistant can answer users’ questions in a conversational way, providing detailed responses to natural language queries that enables teams to find potential issues that might not have been raised without AI.

“Engineers need to reduce mean time to remediation, yet they are buried in data,” Asaf Yigal, CTO and co-founder of Logz.io, said in the announcement. “Applying AI in observability is going to help us finally deliver relief and simplify engineers’ work so they can investigate, analyze and resolve events faster, thus reducing MTTR. Our new IQ Assistant is one example of how leveraging AI in observability delivers ease of use and practical value, and so many more applications of AI in observability are on the horizon.”

Along with IQ Assistant, Logz.io announced other Observability IQ elements in the Open 360 platform, including anomaly detection, alert recommendations via supervised machine learning, a data optimization hub that serves up AI-based observability pipeline analytics, and provides cognitive insights via generative AI to zero in on what’s important in log data.

IQ Assistant advances Observability IQ suite of AI-based capabilities in the Open 360 observability platform, helping users simplify and accelerate their work.